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this is an extension of dante thread.

Weather looks great for this Sunday, dante just spoke to the capt.

catamaran, a solid fishing boat and capt//

leaving new bedford at 4am.

sign up at Dante website

Cod Update Thur Jan 28-just called in from the and after yesterday's trials and tribulations, he decided to go exploring today. It is paying off already- with double header cod coming over the rails, lots of pollock and ling in the mix as well. We are sailing both Saturday and Sunday so give us a call- 631 668 5700.

no football on sunday, letz go

The Beav
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Yo Bert,

still cannot do Sunday, I am retuning from upstate NY. Sounds like you guys are right on the money this time. to get the trip in. Catch em up I can't wait to see your results.

You have Stainless Solvkroken jigs - correct?
If you want I can email you a detailed document on how I rig for Cod with Jigs. I do use a teaser about 14 to 18" above the jig. On the teaser hook, ( 5/0) we use a split ring to the hook eye with a barrell swivel, to take up the twisting pressure of two Cod fish.

Use your favorite plastic skirt ( I like Red or Purple) on the teaser hook. Fish for the doubles by getting jig back to them bottom after first hookup like we do on Sea Bass for multiples.

You will be double header fishing so get ready for them!!!
Captn Joe
any help is appreciated.

i have never exclusively fished for cod

i am looking forward to it.

please email it to me and have a safe return journey

The Beav
we fished with captain tommy and his crew last year
you guys will have a great trip good luck!
I'm on this trip are we leaving 4 or 4:30 Most likely I'll be there at 3:30
Jig right at the bottom, and sharpen those hooks!, Cod are very
aggressive biters most times
Fished the Frances fleet out of RI. on Wednesday worked hard all day but fish where turned off after 4 days of that OLD ***** we call GAIL !
20 - 25 Knt wind and 5 to 7' sea didn't help needed 25oz jigs to even find bottom. fished block sound out to 20 miles only 1 other boat sailed that day . 4 fish for the boat:mad:

sorry to hear about your trip

dante and posse' have the fishing itch

we are going

thanks Capt Tommy for taking a lighter load

for you last minute folks, this is a small charter with lotz of room

contact Dante if you want to go or sign up at

Everyone have a safe trip up

The Beav
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this is why we waited for sunday vs tomorrow

for latest from noaa

Saturday Night: N wind 10 to 13 kt increasing to 14 to 17 kt after midnight. Mostly cloudy. Seas 1 ft building to 3 ft.

Sunday: N wind 12 to 17 kt becoming WNW in the afternoon. Sunny. Seas 4 ft subsiding to 2 ft.


The Beav
Yes nice weather I'm on this trip. Viking reported they had decent fishing today but not near the Block Island grounds they hit a few wrecks.
Viking Cod Saturday Jan 30

Capt Steve Jr reports from our sold out limited trip on the 105' Viking Star that we are having a phenomenal day so far. The boat is very close to its limit, and we should be underway pretty soon. The bite was slow in the dark but as soon as the sun came up it was bail job. It is all quality fish and Capt Steve Jr himself managed to catch his limit- all within 2hrs from 7am to 9am. There is a very strong full moon tide so it is hard to hold the bottom, but as soon as the anglers got the hang of it and switched to heavier lead, it was lock and load! The mates are already filleting coolers full of fish. Check back a little later for our pool winners.
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