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Stripers Forever members..................................

Back by popular demand. we offer you a fishing trip, complete with a gourmet dinner and lodging on Cape Cod that money can't normally buy. This trip with legendary sportsman and chef Dean Clark has only improved with age....check it out!

Also, be sure to look at Mike Slaven's computerized fish portrait wizardry. If you have a photo of a fish or fishing situation that you would like to memorialize in a painting, take a look at this oppotunity!

Here's the link Auctions

These donations of personal services and products from individuals are what supports the advocacy of Stripers Forever. These talented folks are people just like us who share the dream of a coast-wide striped bass population undiminished by the pressures of market fishing.

Also - If you are planning a striper trip anywhere along the coast in 2010, please check out our website to find guides and tackle shops who support striped bass game fish.

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