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Wednesday, September 29, 2004: Waves: Out of control 12- to 14-foot plus-plus out of the north. Winds: North gusting to 50 knots. Ouch. Water clarity: Highly stirred but not problematic.

A truly crapafied early a.m. out there. The *** end of Jeanne is an *** kicker. Winds rocked the rafters most of the night and have blown up an impressive but deadly swell. The wave action will likely cut heavily into the beach for one tide this morning before settling down fairly quickly by tomorrow. If you buggy the beach be seriously alert to drop-offs ? what we call cut-aways ? that could approach 5 feet straight down.

While this wind-whacking is a pain, we actually once again sidestepped the major moisture that many areas of the state got nailed by. Locally, I doubt we even topped an inch on average, though a few squalls dumped a couple inches on select areas.

We did get enough rain to loose the sea lettuce from the bayside banks. That green gob-age could be in the system in a couple-few days, though the ?cabbage? growth really seems to be drastically down from the last few years.

Road run-off could very negatively impact the ongoing weakie bite in Barnegat Bay and Little Egg Harbor. Virtually all serious weakie-ites have noticed that weaks just don?t like run-off. It?s not so much the fish leave, they just don?t bite again until the water cleans up. Of course, this time of year, stinky water could be the move-out call capable of emptying the bay of ?trout.?

Yesterday saw some very improved bass plugging along the beachfront. Many fine stripers caught and released. Mark J. had half a dozen and lost a major cow ? might have been near 40 pounds ? right in the wash. He was poppering. Hey, Mark, save those mega-bass for the upcoming LBI Surf Fishing Tourney, which begins a week from Saturday. Please get signed up so we can make this 50th anniversary of the event the first time we break 1,000 participants since 1977. Also, business, fishing clubs and individuals wanting to memorialize someone should contact the SOC Chamber of Commerce to add a prize to the six-week event. For all the details and to contact the Chamber via the Internet go to

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