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Hey there,
Im selling my projector and I thought i would try here before ebay! Im letting it go cheap to the first person who can pick it up in person in Williamstown nj. Its a sanyo lcd projector. Its 1/4 High definition and looks absolutely amazing . I have it mounted 13' from a screen I made and i have a 9' by 5' image.. This projector is best suited for a light controlled environment like a basement or room without alot of windows. It looks its best in darkness but you can have some ambient light in the room if you like. The picture is razor sharp and will rival any plasma tv.
If you ever wanted a true movie experience at home, this is the way to go. If you would like to see it in action, im in williamstown. The projector has 800 hours on the bulb but its rated for 2500 hours. Once the bulb goes, just pop a new one in and its like having a new projector! I bought the projector 8 months ago for $1600

Willing to let it go for $575

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