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Left facing chaise sectional for sale. Straw colored. 4 months old. Paid over 1300$. The cleaning service that cleans our house steam cleans our furniture and carpets once every two months. This couch has been cleaned twice now atleast. Very clean, no stains, unfortunately there is a small tear now in the front cushion from transporting it today(grrr), Some nicks on the wood shown in pictures. Below is the link to the item brand new to get an idea of what these are selling for and what kind of deal your getting. 8.5 out of 10 condition, adult owned, never spilled or soiled, never had animals on it.

Located in Wilmington DE cash only, my loss is your gain as I paid almost three times my asking price just shy of 4 months ago. We ordered new leather furniture that matches the hardwoods better.

approx 123" wide across the back and where the lounging part of the couch connects it is 92" long

link to same exact item brand new below

Asking 450. price drop 350$$$$$

email me directly at [email protected]

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