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LEI Barner Tog Searcher Trip 1-23-10 Recap

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For those who don't like to read........ Here's the short version: 19 anglers, 7 hours of fishing, 6 wrecks =
............5 Spiney Dogs, and 8 short Tog. Not one single keeper. For the most part everyone had a good time, and the weather turned out much better than expected, but the Tog did not cooperate. If you're looking for pics of fish, sadly I have nothing to offer you.

Now for the rest of the story................

The day started as early as 3am for some, who had a lot of driving ahead of them. The group started to gather as early as 5:00 at the LBI Wawa, and by 5:30 we had a nice crew in the parking lot. The wind was blowing and we were giving one another that "are we ok?" look. By 6:00, we were buying girl scout cookies in the dark as we waited for the last members of the group to arrive. Once we all done waiting for Sea Fevre to show up ;), the boat left right at about 6:30.

The ocean was rough. A solid 5' - 6' all the way to the grounds, but for the most part, everyone hung tough, and spirits were high. Once we got to the first stop, there was the usual hustle and bustle as everyone raced to get the baits down and the first Tog over the rail.

Everyone gave it their best, but the first stop did not really produce much at all. One thing I did notice was that Lilfisherman gave it a solid 20 minutes, but then disappeared. Took a few minutes to figure out where he went, but lo and behold, 1/2 hour into a trip, someone is sulking.

Fine, he's out, lets go to another stop. Hit a few more stops venturing a little further out each time as the weather improved, but the fish did not cooperate. We had a few members of the group succumb to some combination of tired/flu/seasickness, but the (!) of the day goes to JohnnyD, who was so white at one point that from now on we'll just refer to him as CASPER. ;)

The sight of Casper snorting out cracker crumbs while trying to tell us "he's ok" is something that none of us will soon forget.

I would love to post some pictures of people actually fishing/catching, but there was a whole lot of nothing coming over the rails. The occasional small tog, the occasional Dogfish, but nothing to talk about. No real bite, and no keepers at all. I did notice that Lilfisherman showed again for a few minutes, but that was it. A brief investigation showed that Sleeping Beauty was at it again. At least she changed position this time.

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I think Capt. Wayne did his best. We tried 6 different spots, but nothing materialized. High hook for the day was 4 Spiney Dogs. We tried everything, and I mean everything to get some bites. White Leggers, Green Crabs, Blue Claw Crabs, cooked shrimp, raw shrimp, clam..... It didn't matter, the bite was just not on today. Not on at all.

The good news is that spirits remained high throughout the day and there were lots of laughs. Despite the lack of cooperation from the fish, everyone was having a great time. No fish, but lots of smiles.

By the time we decided to call it quits, the ocean had settled down nicely, and it was a nice ride back to Barnegat Inlet. I honestly could not believe how nice the day turned out despite the forecast, the SCA, and the wind/waves we had when we first left the dock. If only the fish would have cooperated, even a little bit..........

By the time the trip came to an end, Sleeping Beauty had begun to affect the rest of the group.

The Larsons:

A Frayed Knot:

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It did not go unnoticed that a deck of Hooters playing cards made the rounds, and I must agree that the 10 of spades was amazing to say the least. The 8 of clubs was impressive as well. I'll leave it to you to figure out who the Barner in this pic is, but hopefully Mrs. A Frayed Knot does not read this post. ;)

I had a great time. I hope everyone else did, and it's always nice to meet now Barners and match faces to names. Can't wait to do it again. Back at the dock, everyone was smiles again.

Great group photo, but where's Sleeping Beauty?

Strike 3 Princess, you're out. :razz:

In all seriousness everyone, I had a great time and want to thank everyone for their help and cooperation. There's no way this would have gone off so smoothly without all of you going out of your way to make it work, and keeping a positive attitude the whole time. 19 people coming from all over the place and not one single glitch. Well done everyone!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

We did have a few who couldn't make it, and you were all missed. We'll have to correct that on the next trip.

I can't wait to do this again, and "we'll get'em next time". :wave:
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Thanks Joey for putting the trip together. Chuck and I had a great time. I could have done without the Hooters cards picture. I am now in time out because my wife knew it was me because of my coat.:eek: She was also mad that I did not tell JohnieD that no matter how miffed I was at him that I would never let his boat sink.:D
thanks Joey

for the report and pictures.Same thing happened to a group of us that wet down to Rehobeth beach last year.Water was a little to cold for the fish to cooperate.But we still had a good day with a long boat ride.Maybe March or April when the weater is a little warmer.:thumbsup:
Joey, great job putting this trip together from start to finish including your post. Had a blast meeting and fishing with everyone.
well i guess I got caught in the act! I figured i mind as well get some sleep since the fish werent biting....Thanks again Joey for the trip and it was a pleasure meeting everyone...I dont know about the 5 to 6s...i could sware some of those waves were 8 to 10:eek:
well it was an interesting trip to say the least coming out the inlet in the morning was quite an adventure, but it was a fun trip.
Missingtwo sorry you didn't feel good, lilfisherman said something about the river this spring??? we'll have to meet up
I go blues, good seeing ya again, sure we'll run into each other.
It was nice meeting the rest
Joeyzac thanks for putting the trip together

sleeping beauty what are you doing up already??:razz:
I got plenty of sleep on the boat:D
Thanks again for putting this trip together Joey, I had a great time. We may not have been catching fish, but I got to meet (face to face) and share some stories with a bunch of great people. I'm looking forward to meeting/fishing with you all again...

I did learn a couple of things though, I know now that if we fish on my boat and were not catching...i'll have to keep a deck of those cards on board for some and a pillow and blankie for others ....hahaha:D
Just drop them pillows and blankets off at wawa:thumbsup:
Thanks Joey for the planning and execution of the 1st Annual JZ Whitewater Toggin and Cookie sale. Had a great time and it was a pleasure fishing with new friends. I appreciate Capn Wayne trying so hard to put us on some meat and the mates were great. Thanks to all, talk about being tired I must be getting old, I was wore out and slept like a rock. Gotta go clean my gear now!!!
Maybe try again this spring?? April is usualy hot off barnegat for some nice toggies.
I'm hoping to try again next week. :thumbsup:
Should be much nicer next week
Looks like the boat didn't have a head...

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State of the art head on board. ;) Even had TWO rolls of toilet paper AND hand soap. :thumbsup: :D
well i guess I got caught in the act! I figured i mind as well get some sleep since the fish werent biting....Thanks again Joey for the trip and it was a pleasure meeting everyone...I dont know about the 5 to 6s...i could sware some of those waves were 8 to 10:eek:

sorry you guys had lousy fishing and weather...

bouy said 6.2 ' @ 5 seconds.
Way to tough it out and enjoy the company of others.Late January fishing is only for the dedicated:nuts::D
Capt wayne worked hard to find the fish, but the fish weren't biting. That is why it's called fishing and not catching.:)

Joey z thanks for putting the trip together, had a great time.

SPECIAL THANKS, if not I would of been hurling.:D
Igoblues for the crackers & beer
Joey z for mountain dew.
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