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lets go!! hurry!!!!

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Ok Barners here are the details!
Captain Kobey Treadwell of Bluewater Sportfishing has donated another fishing trip for us to raffle off to help raise money for Jacobs upcoming medical needs, the trip is scheduled for Sunday August 14th, it is an 8 hour inshore trolling trip for 5 fisherman, for Bluefish, Spanish mackeral, Bonita, Mahi Mahi, false Albacore, Tuna and whatever else may be swimming in the ocean on that particular day!

The cost of the tickets are $10 apiece, and 3 for $25, the winner will be drawn on August 1st!

If you would like to take a chance to win this awesome trip, email me at [email protected], let me know how many chances you would like, and send me your mailing address so i can mail them out to you, for you to fill out and return with your payement, Be sure to check out Captain Kobeys Bluewater Sportfishing website on the Bassbarn home page!

Lets go guy's the drawing is near for this, Just a few more days,
lets make a differance!!
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Why don't you place a printable entry form here and eliminate one step in the process . That way all you have to do once you recieve someones form and check
just mail them there tickets .
Here is the deal,
i'm the cappy doing the trip the people have to e-mail jim at the e-mail adress listed above for a ticket.
the trip is going to be put on hold for a week, so people have more time to get tickets!!!
the drawing will be on AUG 14TH instead of the 1st. and the trip will be a week later on a sunday.
thank you
Captain Kobey Treadwell
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