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Here is your chance to earn some Striper essentials for the 05' season. We compiled a list of must's for the serious angler. We tried to cover all ends from chunking the bay to working the bridges to the sodbanks to the rips to the surf and everything in between. We got some goodies that will be offered to everyone that participates in this poll. All we ask is that you give your $.02. Answer the following question and you will be entered in a raffle to win the following:

Here's the rules- only 1 reply per person. If you post more then once your disqualified. (It makes the raffle go a lot smoother.

1- Okuma CL 450L Classic Level wind Reel

Various Striper Rigs (live eel with & w/o sinkers, wire leader, and various fluorocarbon chunking rigs.)

1- 440 yd spool of 30# Trilene Big Game mono

2- packs of Bubble Gum Zoom?s

1- Pline Sabiki Rigs (size 14)

1- (each) Gamakatsu 6/0, 7/0, 8/0, 9/0, and 10/0 Octopus Chunking hooks.

End date for this raffle will be high noon-March 27th (Easter Sunday)and will be picked out of a hat witnessed by a few other barners. Good Luck!!! :D

Here is the question to enter you in this drawing.

Where's your favorite place to target trophy Striped Bass? (i.e, Sandy Hook, Great Bay, Barnegat, Cape May, Delaware Bay, etc) :D

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One of my favorite areas is aroung 14ft.light in the Del Bay, that was good for alot of bass over 30lbs.,the biggest was 49lbs. :D Another favorite spot is the B.F.S.B. in the bay,you won't find it on any chart. ;) :D
1 - 20 of 351 Posts
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