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Letter from Mark Daniels

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I don't know who Mark Daniels is but he is part of this board. He wrote a somewhat threatening email to me. If I have offended anyone here on this board, you have my apologies. If not then I expect to be able to participate here.
A few years ago there were some arguments between commercials and recs and I was in the middle. Immediately upon my leaving that forum, apparently, someone used my name and tormented some people. It wasn't me. Nobody is perfect and I had an argument with someone from Pittsburgh area, partly due to a misunderstanding, but; I admitted to writing the guy a nasty letter. Since then, the guy welcomed me back to whatever board that was. Now, two years later, someone finds it necessary to be nasty with me. It's not right and if it is this board's wish, I will no longer participate. I just wish I was a little younger and healthier and then I would like to visit with Mr. Daniels., who is not being very charitable. When well I enjoy fishing and even now I do as much as I can to be involved in the sport. So, Mr. Daniels, who wrote "Don't do the same thing at the BARN as you have done at other boards. You KNOW what I mean!" I think you are way off base. I don't intend to cause a problem here and to be honest, some others were guilty of causing me problems in the past. The past should be just that. I welcome mail from all decent barners and fishing people everywhere.
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Moving This Over to the TackleBox Forum..

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