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Letting the secret out...Big Bass near IBSP

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Big Bass have been caught for the past 5 days in the IBSP area. There is a big school of bunker in the area and the bass are under them. Snag a bunker and let it sink to the bottom and hold on. Bass to 45 pounds have been caught. Boaters just look for the birds.

Email me for more specific locations.
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You must have one of those fancy laptops with a wireless remote to be posting from your boat!!!!

Originally posted by Brian E. Mullaney:
shhh Im talking to them right now to let them know they better move or in the box they go :D ;)
Hi TopCat,

That must only be the begining of the school. This is a huge school of bunker. I've emailed the info to several barner's already but I won't post the location on the public boards. Fish are moving around anyhow. I just want to share what I know hoping that one day someone will give me a good tip too.

When the bunker are in the area you need to try to snag one. Get a snag rig if you don't have one. Of course they will hit clams and bunker chunks but better to have a live one the hook.
A friend told me that the bunker came in close for a short time today in IBSP. HE caught a nice 48" striper after snagging a bunker.

PS BRING BUG SPRAY....... or you won't stay too long.
Bunker were in and out of the Seaside Heights area today. Clams did not work on these fish. You had to snag a bunker.

Blue fish were in the mix too. up to 7 pounders.

High tide is best, seems the bunker get pushed closer to the beach then. If you have boat, go for them.

Last night the bunker were in Gilikens area.

Sorry I can't get out again until Sunday. PS someone asked what the largest striper was that was caught. Today a 58 pounder was caught and released. That's the biggest that I have heard about.
Bunker school moved north and out of the seaside area. Try Asbury if you want to hunt them down.
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