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Letting the secret out...Big Bass near IBSP

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Big Bass have been caught for the past 5 days in the IBSP area. There is a big school of bunker in the area and the bass are under them. Snag a bunker and let it sink to the bottom and hold on. Bass to 45 pounds have been caught. Boaters just look for the birds.

Email me for more specific locations.
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I was in the park this morning. Saw bunker in the surf around area 11 but couldn't get any bass to hit. We used bunker chunks and clams. Also tried some bucktails and plugs. Tried to snag some live bunker but the school wasn't that thick. Nada one. Saw boats close enough to shore to put my sinker into and I didn't see anyone on them getting any hits either. They were live lining bunker.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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