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Line Winder - garage style

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Anyone have a good line winder contraption? I'm switching retrieve hands on my reels and am having issues justifying a $50+ tool...
It's time for a winter project. Thanks if you have something interesting to share - Pete
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That looks eerily like this..

That's a knockoff of a cat carrier
Pete. if you can find one of those bulk mono spools that tackle shops use to fill reels, they work great. You'll need a bolt big enough to fit the hole, and a cordless drill. You'll need an asistant to hold said spool for re-winding on to reel.

cheap, but effective. thats me.
"cheap, thats me. "

We finally agree:fighting:
Makes me wonder. Harry's not a hunter that I know of. What would a guy have to have googled to come up with that thing? :eek: I tried "probe", not there, I tried "anal", not there, hmmmmmmm. Oh oh I think I just figured it out. Not that there's anything wrong with that.:D
I told you it is a cat carrier. He probably went to Pet Smart.

What do you suppose the mind is like that designed that tool? Bet they had a laugh in the patent office
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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