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Line Winder - garage style

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Anyone have a good line winder contraption? I'm switching retrieve hands on my reels and am having issues justifying a $50+ tool...
It's time for a winter project. Thanks if you have something interesting to share - Pete
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Pete. if you can find one of those bulk mono spools that tackle shops use to fill reels, they work great. You'll need a bolt big enough to fit the hole, and a cordless drill. You'll need an asistant to hold said spool for re-winding on to reel.

cheap, but effective. thats me.
That looks eerily like this..

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Makes me wonder. Harry's not a hunter that I know of. :D
I kill stuff smarty pants. I've been up to my elbows in plenty of deer carcasses (something tells me i'll regret typing that) and various sundry small birds and other assorted critters. That butt out tool has many uses though....especially helpful in gutting wayward choggies
I believe that's refered to as fisting.:D
Your mind is really in the gutter you sicko!!!! (i knew there was a reason I liked you!!!!:D)
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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