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Well Not exactly.

I had the priveldge of working for Mike Frendlich of Staten Island N.Y. for the Viking Ocean Shoot Out this past weekend.
Mike hired myself and Spencer to come up and get his georgous 55' Viking from Staten Island and bring her down for the tournament.

That's right!!!! An Ocean Yacht owner jumping ship to the Viking side, Well this is the second year fishing the boat, but first time taking here up and back and running her in the tournament, and I must say the 55' Viking is a bad a$$ machine.

Well after she arrived, we found out they were calling Thursday a lay day, and it would be a Friday and Saturday fish day, which was the right call, and I give the weather boats alot of credit for making the call. We were a weather boat in the SJ Shark tourney and had to call it one day, and thank god we did, so I know how that decision process can go.

Anyway we fished friday and developed a high temp alarm on the gear box and turned her around, to further diagnos the problem, we found mud in the gear cooler flushed her out and went back out, with limited time (1 1/2 hours left) we fished the dog in hope of a late afternoon bite, which never materialized, but we managed a gaffer dolphin.

Saturday we took the tour north and went to the 50 line to the deep and back and worked the 50 above the spencer hard. We got jumped by some YFT and managed to get one in the box. But late in the day we had our Green Weighted preader bar get crushed, White Marlin.

The White was hungry and she came and ripped line of the 80 like it had a set, after settling in, the Owner, Mike, jumped onthe rod and fought what turned out to be a really nice 65# lit up White, Spence leadered the fish brought her boat side for pix, and she spit the hook, so no pix, but hey the owner was extatic.

The tournament count was only 21 whites caught in 2 days from 66 really good boats, and only 4 tuna weighed largest going 145# YFT, and a really nice bull 33 #, caught 101 miles off beyond the Spencer, by the boat JUDGE from Avalon, they docked next to us. Great Job Capt Jim.

So after a long weekend the 55' Viking is home again resting, and it was a great pleasure to run a fine machine.

The reports were few and far between these last couple of days, but it seemed the 50 line up and down was producing consistantly small YFT, some whites and even a few blues. Water temp was 75.9 to 78.3 with some really nice pockets of water around.

We are building a crew for the Mid- Atlantic 500, please e-mail for all of the details, or feel free to call me anytime 609-685-1499.
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