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Live Bait??

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Does anyone know where I can get live bait in the OC spots, herring, bunker etc? I don't really have time to catch my own and would like to try livelining some herring this spring. I saw guys doing fairly well with em last spring! Thanks...
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Live bunker at the bait shop aren't a regular stocked item. Herring are up towards lbi. Spot are widely avail come around june in most marinas but will be pricey. Mainly people chunk fresh bunker but I like to fish live herring. Spring is an intersesting time of year where fish come pretty easy on small artificials ran in clear water during the high sun. Ocean city has one heck of a smooth dogfish population so choose your live lining methods carefully. Those toothless dogs can eat up alot of cash.
Up and Over, whatever is available I will have in my tanks and I'm only a few minutes north. I expect to have HERRING by the full moon next week if not with the warm weather this weekend.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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