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I have a shipment coming in wed or thrus they will be available at Hands Too and at Capt Tates. Yes there are plenty of big bass around to eat them, also big weakfish love live spot. so give us a call or stop in this weekend if you would like to try some spot. Thanks Tim
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how much?
If you'll have them for Friday, I'll see ya' at the store. Thanks Tim!
Way to think of Greg, Adam !!!!

He hasn't shut up all weekend about those goldfish over on the dark side. I need to redeem myself this Friday !!!!
Thanks Tim! You're timing is perfect for our(Theofish and me)charter with Adam!

Adam - I think our primary target species just changed for Friday!!! Just the thought has my adrenalin pumping.....Theo can keep those overgrown goldfish! Bring on the other ones!

Younger I don't post prices but I'd be glad to tell you over the phone or e mail me and I'll get it out. Good to hear from ya Adam, If all goes well they be kicking in my tanks for you fri am. Thanks guys Tim
Man I use to catch a ton of spots when I was a youngster around OC. My dad would live line them and catch the biggest weakies I had ever seen. I haven't seen any spots for the longest time around these parts. Do they still catch them around OC or am I just crazy?
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Me too...I used to catch them in the lagoons but haven't seen one in years up here...I'd liveline them for big weakies too....

I left a messege on your machine at Hand's Too....Any help would be appreciated....Thanks, Bill
Bill got your message but I didn't want to call you at 5 in the morning when I got it i'll call you this afternoon I should have an eta on the fishies. But it shouldn't be a problem. Thanks Tim.
Joe didn't get them myself used a supplier still working on that other thing. Thanks Tim
They have arrived, I'm sorry if anyone has emailed me but my server went down and i have not been able to retrieve my mail, So I should be able to get them on a regular schedule now and will be stocking them. Thanks Tim
Tim- thanks for the directions to the spot in CM. Directions were perfect. Managed a nice 8lb blue and a 31' striper released to swim another day. Catch ya this weekend, Ippomatic

you have to stop Kenny and Mary from overloading the hard drive with fishing reports and porno. after that, your uptime should go way

be well

the beav
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