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Long day / one fish

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Left Cape May at 4am and headed north on the Parkway to Belmar. I just could not resist after reading about the huge Bass coming out of there. Left the Inlet at 7am, located Bunker by the Trillions just south of Manasquan. Apparently there we no Bass under the bait as nobody was catching. Drifted with the bait for 2 hours then decided to hit the jetties. Caught on small fish. We did have a lot of bass and one jumbo chasing the bunker across the surface, they almost looked like a cat playing with a mouse. The clarity of the water was truly amazing. Looks like the main bite is over, I will be back next year when the bite is on.

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Was out yesterday afternoon and found much of the same a little south of there. Tons of bunker and even seemed as if something was pushing them as they were jumping clear out of the water 3'. Unfortunately no bass, and saw none hooked up. We did have a Thresher come up and eat a bait, but the fight didn't last long even on 80lb. leader! Kept seeing the tail slapping the bait and finally realized what was happening when he took the bait. Exciting, but another skunk in the bunker schools for us.
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