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I was wondering if anyone was catching anything in the Longport-Ocean City area?I will be putting the boat in in the next 2 weeks and i was wondering if anything has been happening.
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Did pretty good this week clammin for stripers... first 2 hours of the tide..
i don't know about any fish in that area, but there were a few guys surfing there in the inlet last saturday, when the beach was unrideable, and the wind was howling. they were about 200 yards east of the base of the OC/Longport bridge, close to where the old Dunes club used to be. it looked like they were having fun. that's one of my dream spots to surf, although i've only seen it rideable twice in the last ten years.
Surfed there twice in the past 10 years, it's like a reef break when a good swell pushes up on that mud ledge. NNE wind is offshore there, but it take a rare big swell to push that far into the bay. When it's good there you better beleive it's 10 times better at Cape May point.
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