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Hi everyone,

After nearly having a heart attack in sears after seeing how much a set of micrometers is going for, I decided to see if anyone has a used set they could part with. Please help out a poor college student.

So, if you have a good set of micrometers, calapers, or other precision measuring tools, please drop me a line.

[email protected]

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Northern Industrial Tools 6in. Stainless Steel Dial Caliper
Stainless steel frame caliper has easy-to-read dial. Accurately measures four ways: outside, inside, depth and steps. Lets you measure precisely to .002in. accuracy. Tolerance is ±0.001in. (0-4in.), ±0.0012 (4-6in.). Thumb roller and position set screw. Shockproof. Lifetime limited warranty.
In Stock
Ship Wt. 1.0 lbs
Item# 56247
Discount Price... $24.99

China made, but fine for everyday use.


Economy Outside Micrometers with Mechanical Digital Counter
? Graduated in increments of 0.0001"
? Counter displays increments of 0.001"
These lower-priced micrometers have a mechanical digital counter to simplify reading measurements.The spindle and anvil faces are made of carbide; both are .250" dia. All have a rotating spindle. They also have a ratchet-stop thimble and an enamel-finish frame. Include wood case.
Range Throat Dp. Accuracy Each

0-1" 1.0" ±0.0001" 2115A1 $39.15

1-2" 1.25" ±0.0001" 2115A2 44.58

2-3" 1.75" ±0.0001" 2115A3 58.34

3-4" 2.25" ±0.0001" 2115A4 69.54
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