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Looking for some decent places to fish for stripers

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Hey Guys, I'm new to this board and was wondering if anyone has any places to recommend fishing for stripers. I am not asking for the secret spots just a place to get started. I just bought my boat last Sept and trying all different places. I live in Philadelphia and have to tow my 20' Grady so I am looking to stay close. I was goint to try down in Fortescue but thought to ask here first. I tried AC last week and it was good for fluke. Any tips on where, type of bait and setups is greatly appreciated.
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Try using poppers along the sod banks at night. Also fish the rock jetties in the early mornings or evenings, if you can get in there with your boat. If not, fish from shore. You'll catch them.
I hear the Delaware Bay is a good place to start ;) No secrets out in the D.Bay forum and you will recieve all the help you need. You certainly have the right boat for it.
Thanks Guys, I was thinking of the D Bay myself but am unfamiliar with where to go to start off at.
Bedbug, We went out in the bay last year from Longreach marina in the fall(end of october early november) and we did pretty good on stripers and big blues.
Bed Bug,
If you're familiar with Ocean City, NJ, you can put your boat in at the ramp in Corson's Inlet State Park. If you are not familiar, get a map and check it out, Exit 25 (I think) on the Garden State Parkway, east to Ocean City, and then south on Ocean Drive toward Sea Isle. You can't miss the boat ramp because it is at the bridge leading to Sea Isle.
Put in at Corson's Inlet. Simply head west into the bay,(under the bridge), drive for a few minutes (or more or less, it probably doesn't matter), and pick an inviting looking sod bank along the intercoastal waterway. Use your depth finder to be sure you are in deep enough water if you are not familiar with the area. The fish, i.e. stripped bass, are scattered, but all over there. I had luck using a Fin-S rubber minnow on about a 1/2 ounce jig. I cast to the sod bank and let it settle to the bottom. Then I simply bumped it along the bottom in jumps when reeling in. The tide will run quickly as it changes so be prepared to drift with the current, or aim for the ebb tides when the water is still, or drop an anchor.
I picked up a striped bass and a blue fish doing this at the high ebb tide. (I am not going to describe an exact location because it seems that doing this can cause a regatta of boats to appear the next weekend, but the fish are there.)
Bring bug spray, and try not to anchor in the channel. Anyhow, I am not a bass master, but this has worked for me. On that day, a boat near mine also caught several bass. All were taken along the sod banks.

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