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Looking to buy a survival suit

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I am looking to buy a survival suit and dont know much about them. Does anyone have any input on what is the best type to buy, where to buy it and roughly how much I should expect to spend.
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In 50 degree water...mustangs only add a few hours of survival...barely that if even choppy water due to flushing action that is inevitable. Survival suits may keep you alive for days...big difference.

The mustangs are really for man overboard situations rather than sinking where no one else is around to get you relatively quickly.

Till we got dry suits for flying in USCG helos...we would wear shorty wet suits under a mustang and that would double to triple your survival time...but you are still looking at 5-10 hours tops in colder temps. Not a very comfortable arangement...but better than a full, thick wet suit.

A decent dry suit would be a solution...but they damage a bit easily on a small vessel when fishing.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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