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Looking to buy a survival suit

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I am looking to buy a survival suit and dont know much about them. Does anyone have any input on what is the best type to buy, where to buy it and roughly how much I should expect to spend.
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If you talking about an emergency situation like the boats sinking or so rough you think your gonna sink? the "gumby" suit is the best way. I have brought a wet suit alopng before but we have the 7mm two piece suits, but the average person would drown before they got into a wet suit I hope to never have to us either:)

Hey guys,
I was thinking about a suit to use in an emergency situation, not something to wear to fish. I usually just dress in layers when fishing. I fish alot in the winter for blackfish, codfish when I was younger I never even consider that a boat could sink but as I got older or I guess you can say matured reality sets in and now I want to be prepared for the worst and hope it never happens. I have a PLB that I carry with me but I know that in 40 degree water I dont have a chance with out some kind of survival suit.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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