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We'll we got out yesterday and wanted to try for them invisible fluke:)...We'll tide was close to the top and it turned on...We put five in the box and man you got to love it when they start chasing bucktails to the top...That was what we used bucktail combos squid minnows...We also picked up some 4' sharks around slack and than decided to move as the area i fish tapered off...We'll we the tide moving out i tied on a surface plug and first cast WHAM all i see is the big tail my heart stopped but my wrist kept moving hoping he would come back...Second cast another miss i couldn't beleive it...We'll didn't get mr. bass got a bluefish and the tide was tough to hold and my buddy had to go so we called it a day and all in all a good day as the last couple times i was out its been blowing and from the wrong direction....Tight lines fellows...Pazman...O sorry guys didn't knkow water temp because we didn't have a fishfinder..Did it like the old timers:)...Later
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