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Lost fisherman off LBI...

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Crazy how freak accidents happen, but this guy could be alive if he simply had on a life jacket with some minimal preparations. Life jackets no longer look like those cheap shoobie models of the 70's. Now they simply look like real jackets and are type iii PFD's. Lesson: Don't be foolish or frugal, if you fish alone in the ocean, BUY and USE the right gear.
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Slave - what are the details??? - Ive been in bed with the flu for 3 days - just reading this now.

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Apparently from what I read in the beacon, the guy was wreck fishing @ GSS and then the boat was found all the way off of BL with the motor still running...I suppose he lost his balance and ended up in the water, then obviously couldn't get back into the boat, so on and so forth....The guy was out of Tuckerton according to the article, sounded like a pretty seasoned fisherman, too, according to the article.
sad to hear :(

It's easy to say don't go alone, but I know it ain't easy to practice that all the time.
I was also fishing the area that day,....(saturday)...and it was very calm,...I did hear that his net was missing,probably meaning he was netting a fish,and possibly slipped.My wife was talking to him and his wife just last week in the Acme.....very tragic.....
I hear ya'. I fish all the time out of my little 18' Parker out in the O alone. I need a bigger boat...these last couple of blows have kicked mt rear.
I take it that the guy was never found? Makes me think, I fish by myself alot???
such a shame and a loss.
Tuckerton fisherman believed dead at sea Boat found empty 3 miles off Barnegat
By TRISTAN SCHWEIGER Staff Writer, (609) 978-2015
Published: Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Updated: Tuesday, November 15, 2005

TUCKERTON-The U.S. Coast Guard abandoned the search for a missing Tuckerton boater Sunday morning, with a Coast Guard spokesman saying there was little hope the man is still alive.

Robert Woodring, 68, was reported missing to the Coast Guard at approximately 6:20 p.m. Saturday, according to Coast Guard spokesman John Edwards. Searchers located Woodring's boat, a 22-foot vessel named "Woody," in the ocean approximately three miles northeast of Barnegat Township, but Woodring was not aboard, according to Edwards.

The Coast Guard suspended the search Sunday as the chances of finding Woodring alive slimmed.

"We surmised that with that water temperature (56 degrees), and Mr. Woodring's age, and other factors, we estimated survivability would have been about six hours," Edwards said.

Seas were relatively calm Saturday, Edwards said, and Woodring's son, Robert Woodring Jr., said his father was an experienced and cautious fisherman.

Woodring Jr. said his father generally returns from fishing trips in the midafternoon, but that family members decided to give him a couple hours before reporting him missing.

"He's actually been fishing these bays since the '50s ... and it's not uncommon for him to go out fishing by himself," he said.

Woodring's son said he guessed that something caused his father to fall overboard early Saturday afternoon and that he was then unable to get back onto the vessel. He also said that his father didn't have any medical conditions that could help explain what happened.

"He was a good man, he was a good family man, he was a good father to me," said Woodring Jr., his voice cracking with emotion, reached via telephone Monday.

Neighbors saw Woodring leaving in his boat Saturday morning, according to Lt. Michael Caputo of the Tuckerton Police. Woodring Jr. said that a couple fish were found in the cooler on board.

"He always used boats that were safe," the son said. "That's why it's such a shock."
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Deepest Condolences to the Family!

Makes you just never know what can happen at sea.
Amen to that, we're at best only a breath away from eternity.
may god be with him... just goes to show you how bad it is fishing alone...
it isn't bad if your safe about it...I like fishing alone sometimes....
My prayers to the family ...
I've told my son while out in LEI, "here are the throw devices, if some goes over throw the floatation, then cut the anchor line and go after them. By the time you get the anchor up they'd be gone." Fishing solo I wear a vest and have considered tying a line from my waist to the boat. It may be time to do just that.
First my sincere regret that this has happened. I hope the family can accept the fact that he died as happy as a person could. Doing what he loved. PLEASE take that statement in the best way.
I have fished alone many times. Some times you just need to get away. Need to relax and think about life or no one is available.
If one of those big guys went buy when he was trying to net that giant striper it is very easy to fall over.

I do not know the answer. I do not like to wear life vests. The ones that are pull and blowup are very expensive.

YES I know there is no price for a life but you can only justify expending so much money. I do not think I have to explain that.

How many people have you seen pulling an anchor on a 50 or 60 thousand dollar boat rather than spending 4 to 8 hundred bocks on a windless.
I have sat on the bow many times in fear of falling over.

I hope the family will calibrate the life of this man and remember he was doing what he loved.

I will say a prayer for him.

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That does suck. Now that I am getting older I question when I go out.
How much is it to buy an EPRB? What ever the initials are. If you go in the water isnt there a satellite relay that you can wear that will tell the USCG where you are
I ahve a heart problem and i go out alone but thats why i ahve a gps. Its a very sad day for this mans family but hopefully he went the way he wanted too. Try tto put it in that perspective 68 years old was a little too old to out by yourself.
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