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Ludlam Bay flounder???

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I am thinking of going flounder fishing in Ludlam bay saturday and then clamming at low tide.

1. Is it any good for flounder?
2. Is there any ramps to launch from?
3. Anyone want to go?
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The tide is low at 2:51pm in ludlam bay.
We should be able to hit the sand bar near corson's inlet around noon. I would like to fish for a couple of hours then clam.

There is a stone ramp at whale creek, but I am not sure if that will suffice for my 20' boat. I am partially afraid of getting stuck.

The other option is the seaisle ramp at the south end of ludlam bay, but I have not been there in years.
There is no email address for you.
Thanks guys.
It looks like the ramp in starthemere is near prescott terrace???? or is it closer to the bridge?

Strathmere is not that big, I am sure I can find it.
may day keeps getting better. LOL

Guys I appreciate the help.

I guess I might have to launch from under the bridge and go north.

Whale creek is an option, but it is a PIA with a bigger boat unless you want to get wet.

Now if the ramp at the end of bayview does suck, I am down to one ramp. :(

My boat is a 20' c-hawk and does not draw much and I don't need much water to launch the boat. Guess I will post on saturday night now my day went. LOL should be adventerous to say the least.

I am sure Bottom Bouncer will eloborate as well.
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1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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