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Lynn Mass Cod report

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I fished yesterday with Kil's group on the American Classic ( Wash's)
out of Lynn Mass. We left early around 3.15am for a long 3 hour ride out past the Stellwagen Bank. We fished in deep water.

The fishing was absolutely fantastic, drop and reel all day except for a few lonely hitless moments.
Most of the fish I caught were on Lav Jigs, but they hit anything put down there, including Cape May Tackle new Hammered Jigs.

We all easily limited out on our 10 Cod Limit, and many of us brought back plenty of Pollack.

Joining Kil's regulars, ( Yong , Park & Choi & crew) were Bass Barn guys - Getsome & Deep Defiance and several other members & readers.
I really did not count, but judging on how good my arms feel today I must have caught over 50 Cod fish yesterday.

The ones I kept were all around 8 to 10lbs. All of my released fish swam right back to the bottom.

First I would like to thank Kil Song, for our continued amazing trek for world class fishing. Kil and I have been fishing together ( 5 years)on either his arranged trips or mine, and we have seen some fine fishing together. I know I am lucky to be able to join him a few times a year to fish.

If any of you readers need anything, anything in regards to Jigging & Popping, he is the go to guy for Tackle, Jigs, Poppers, Rods, Reels and serious top of the line terminal tackle. Everything, I mean everything, is field tested and must pass Kil's muster, before he will offer it for sale. His shop is an amazing place to visit.

Second I would like to thank Capt Jim Walsh, I have fished for over 40 years, and he is the only skipper I can say is the best at keeping on roving schools of fish. This guy can fish with the best of them, and he knows how to use his Sonar to stay on the schools of fish. Drop - jig - once or twice, hookup & reel fish in all day, it just does not get any better.

If anyone wants to join their Cod trips, I highly recommend this boat and its fine crew. Its about 4 hour drive from the greater NYC area.

I know we all had a great time, but judging by the smile on his face all day long - no one had as much fun as Mike Spinelli - Deep Defiance here, he cranked in alot of fish as did Getsome too..

The pool fish was a 29lb Cod caught by ??? ( sorry forgot your last name John)

Pictures by tomorrow

Captn Joe
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Glad to hear you guys had a great trip and put the meat in the coolers Capt. Joe.

Yes I am envious! :bow:
Rocky - its better than Sea Bass fishing, you put a teaser on, its doubles all day long... Captn Joe
Capt Joe,it was great fishing with you as always.Sorry to see you loose that monster on the last drift of the day.Next Year!!:fighting:
Captn Joe.

You said it best when you said that capt.Jim Walsh can roll with the best boats out there!:thumbsup: And it was my pleasure fishing with you again.:)
great to hear you guys had a good day catching... mmmmmmmmm fresh cod
Hey Philly, that is fresh out of 36 degree water, onto a frozen deck, while snowing, filleted at sea, rinsed in 34 degree salt water , It is clean as whistle, very few worms, and it is oh so fresh. - Captn Joe

that was a nice fish, and it was nice to meet you, we have more trips planned - so stay tuned here.

Captn Joe
Hey Philly, that is fresh out of 36 degree water, onto a frozen deck, while snowing, filleted at sea, rinsed in 34 degree salt water , It is clean as whistle, very few worms, and it is oh so fresh. - Captn Joe
does it get any better :)
I envy you. I always wanted to go cod fishing weather in montauk or Mass.
Thanks for the report Capt Joe, I got the low down from Steve (Get Some). :thumbsup: He also gave me a nice bag of fresh cod. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Looks like Fish & Chips added to the Super Bowl menu. :thumbsup: :D
And I got some from CrewLew-Thanks :thumbsup:
Jim Walsh

Capt Jim Walsh is one of the hardest working captains and owners who fish party boats here in Massachusetts. I had the opportunity to boats for both him and his father years ago and they were meticulous about maintenance and working hard to put anglers on the fish.

Jim and I talk each week and he is a good friend and I am glad to hear everyone who fished with him had a great fishing trip on the Amercian Classic.

Capt Dave
Capt Dave,

Thanks for the back up,

I need to organize a charter and finally come up there and meet you.
What I would like, - if you get a heavy Haddock bite, I would like to grab a limit of them some time. Around here, I think I can put a trip together rather quickly.

Around here, my eyes cloud over around May 15th to Oct 20th with our season.

Captn Joe

how about a porgy charter in april?

The Beav
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