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magellan merridan marine GPS question

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anyone have the same unit? I was wondering if the mapsend chip is worth the $144
I havent had the chance to use the thing since I bought it, I keep forgetting it at the dock. I basically hust want some feedback
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i assume you are talking about the on land chip, i have the meridian gold and bought the mapsend topo map for it. has a cd i loaded onto my puter, and can transfer data back and forth between the unit.

i have the mapsend topo set up, which i find useful all the time. can look up addresses and directions on the computer, and use my gps for running through the woods during hunting season.

probally have over 100hrs of running around in the woods spotlighting, and another 50+hrs running around on my quad with it, and have not been unable to find my way back yet.

have to say 99% of the roads are on my system. to include 4x4 trails.

weather or not these conditions would apply to you, i have no idea, but if any of them do, then its worth it in my opinion.
what I am wondering is there a program that I can get that will allow me to use this GPs as I would a chart? is there a map that will give me depths of water structure ect?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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