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Maiden voyage of the Dirty Deeds

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Took the fishing vessel Dirty Deeds out for some striper fishing on Tues. My first day as Capt, but been fishing the Bay for 30 years. After 10 years of procrastination my Co-captain, Bill22Jack, and I made the purchase.

I set up N of the fleet in an area I thought would produce. Within minutes I was hooked up but the fish spit the hook. One of the crew hooked up and landed a 31 incher, released. Same guy then landed a 34 incher. I grabbed a 23 incher, released, then a keeper slot. I then hooked up and landed a 38 incher, big time gut hooked, so I kept it.

Funny thing is the net broke on the first fish. It was hysterical watching Bill22Jack hanging over the side with his hands on the net as his brother held his feet. He did a great job, funny as heck though, especially on the 38 incher. It was also amusing that I was all by myself then suddenly the fleet move up adjacent to my location. While I dont think it was because of me, we got some laughter wondering if they knew it was my first day as Captain.

A Great Day. Marine Tom (AKA Redhook) bassbarn #143

"Dirty Deeds Sportfishing"
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Sounds like a good first trip! Congrats on the new boat.
Congrats and good luck.
Thanks guys!
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