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March 1st, 1st bass of year, w/ pic

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Well I actually got skunked, but i dragged my buddy to a local pond to take a few casts, and he caught this decent pound or so fish on a 4"in berkeley powerhawg in blue fleck, jigged real slow on a black 1/8 oz jighead. Nothing for me on the rapala dt4. water levels were really high, but i think they are starting to wake up!!
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sorry pic is small, if u right click it and hit "open in new window" you can view it at a larger size,
Nice job man. Good to see some people gettin out and rippin sum lips. :thumbsup:
Do my eyes decieve me? Is that open water in the background!!!
Great job on the first bass of the year!:thumbsup: Let us hope it is the omen of a great season ahead!:D
I took the day off tuesday to get my bass boat ready for tornements going to throw the little one in my lake after the sun heats up the surface alittle hope to post my 1st of the season as well

Nice catch!
nice! way to wet the lines
Awesome, congrats on the first one of the year. Im hoping for all the ice to be off this weekend up here, atleast for a few days.
This is nice to see:thumbsup:
you off to mar o and want to try my lake in hammonton?? Come on sham boat is lake side allready trolling is charged.More than welcome
:D Nice!!! Good to see some bass catching.
How about u FD want to fish 2 mar o at my lake u can have front of boat?
Hey this is the most action I have seen on the barn in months a few gys with their first of the season nice work my man:thumbsup:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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