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Maurice river marina

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I have a 18ft runabout , looking to do a variety of activities, 3 kids.
Fishing,crabbing,site seeing. Looking for a good family marina. Was thinking Maurice river area. Any input on the area would be greatly appreciated.
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we use port norris ramp. clean bathroom,not a port a potti.never have had a problem there in the 10 years i have been going there.10 minute ride to the bay.nice ride the opposite way back up the river good for tubing crabbing and lunch.
Sounds like your looking for a place like us! Give us a call.
I slip at Bay Point. Futher up the bay, near Cedarville. They offer slips for boats your size, a friendly staff, usually excellent fresh bait reasonable prices and they are closer to the bay than any marina on the Maurice River. They are Bass Barn Advertisers, so you can contact them.;)
Haases harina is a good family harina for kids. Donna + Jor love seeing kids have fun on water :thumbsup::thumbsup:
Haases Marina

Hey Treude1, So your lookin in our neighborhood? call me!
w#215 503 3252 Ron @Jeff hosp. :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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