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Friday - got down to the house late and did not start fishing until 2pm. None of my guys could fish so off I went solo. Made a left out of barneget and had bird play close to the inlet. Bunker busting and all the blue fish you wanted. After loading up on blues for hopefully a mr mako next week I went on the troll. Nothing but blues and one rat striper. Saw some more bird play further offshore and pointed the bow to a small blitz of bass. Was all alone and released four bass and took one smaller fish for the table. Just like that a mediocre day turned into an awesome day.

Saturday- headed to the same spot with my two friends. Could not buy a bite. Would see some bunker and snagged a few but too much boat traffic which drove them down. Had nothing but a couple of small bluefish and could not find em.

sunday- decided to do a little bottom fishing and got two cod (7-9 lbs), a bunch of ling, and only two seabass. Tried a bunch of different wrecks and I couldn't find any seabass.

It was a great weekend and just happy to be on the water. Thank you to all servicemen who have served this country that make it possible for us to enjoy our freedom. Happy Memorial Day weekend
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