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Yesterday was one of those days you look forward to. My brother-in-law and I headed out of Hereford around 9:30 and headed right toward the birds. Picked up with the rest of the fleet off SH and just started following the birds.

Tried the fly for awhile but couldn't hook up. While I was doing this George caugt about 6 blues, so I switched to the storm lure. One cast, 1/2 lure left. Switched to a green rattle trap and started catching. We dropped clam on striper rigs along the way while we casted the rattles and ended up with about 30 blues. They covered all size ranges, all the way up to over 30 inches (marked off the length of the biggest on the dock but didn't measure it yet). Kept 9 and let the rest swim.

Last night we headed to the back behind SH and WW. Ended up with 2 keeper stripers at 25 and 27.5 inches. Chunked bellies in a couple spots and were back in by 10:30pm.

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