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Yes, you put them on the hook as a teaser with the clam. Here are some recommended tips and hints for Montauk cod fishing.
  1. Tie your high low (or rather high/higher) cod rigs before you go up there.
  2. Bring an assortment of teaser grub worm/jelly worm colors. From one day to the next what turns the cod on changes.
  3. Bring plentry of lead (from 8 oz to 20 oz).
  4. Bring a large cooler on the boat.
  5. Get up to the boat early and get a choice spot at the rail.
  6. Just like black fishing, cod fishing can happen within pockets on the boat. Don't be afraid to move around on the boat.
  7. If the people around you are catching and you are not, try to see what they are doing & using.
  8. Bring some 8 to 10 oz diamond jigs with you. Sometimes jigging can be very effective. if you do opt to give it a try, put a tester about 2 feet above the jig.
Good luck.

What is a choice spot at the rail on a Cod Trip?

I will be leaving on a 24 hour trip out of Belmar on the 5th next month and have started tying my rigs.
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