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Since it was nice today I was able to get my buddy away from the wife and kids for about an hour and we got the mount installed on the bow and it looks great. I had to remove the front plate to bolt to deck since I didnt want to use those shitty rubber bushings that were installed before.

Having the front panel off I could see the wire that was running to the receptacle and it is alot bigger then the 10 gauge wire for other components. We are thinking it has to be 8 or 6 Gauge. This looks good in terms of recommended AWG. I opened up the battery compartment and we found that there is a INLINE 40amp FUSE attached to the Positive Cable. However the recommened Circuit breaker is 50Amp @24dc

I went to multiple auto parts store and the biggest fuse I found in this size was 30amp. I found 50amp fuses, but they are in a bigger size that wouldnt fit in the current receptacle type unit.

My question is I plan on running 2 12 volt batteries in sequence so, Is the 40amp inline fuse Sufficient?? Should I buy a difference inline receptacle to fit a 50 amp fuse kind of like one for a AMP for your car sound system.

Or do I buy a 50 amp Circuit breaker box that is made by Hummingbird.
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