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The Country was founded on faith, only a very very very small monitory think they should have the say against God in public venues. problem is, they are completely wrong about it and their interpretation of the constitution. They think the separation between church and state means no utterances of God in any sense and this is simply not true. It only means the government cannot establish a church.

All this BS about school vouches being used to go to a catholic school is nonsense, the gov is not endorsing the Church, it the citizen who has every right to freedom of religion to choose their faith. That citizen who pays taxes should have evey right to choose where their child is educated as long as it's within the guidelines set forth by the department of education.

Over 95% of the world population believes in some sort of God or higher power, the mere fact that athiest do not believe in God support their right to freedom of religion, their non belief is a belief in itself.

Why is it our courts will allow a minority to say they have been offended and should be compensated yet the majority cannot do the same when a minority attacks their beliefs and offends them?
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