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My Mom is getting closer...):

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It has been awhile fellow barners since i have really posted or said hello..I posted in May about my Mom and her having lung cancer..We'll today she may be going for her final scan of the lungs because the doc. looked at an xray and said that he can see from that the cancer has spread.. I have been with her and plan on being there for her last breath..As she sickens and is starting to suffer the symptoms of lung cancer i still feel like i'm in shock...I can tell you it has been tough stuff and has definately taken a toll on me..Its pretty depressing to watch this take her and between doc. visits ..chemo..blood test and all that goes with this she is getting closer than i really want accept...I can see the fear in her and as she starts to process how sick she is..I love her and she has been the most wonderfull Mother..Grandmother..And freind that you could ask for..As she approaches the end of her life I ask everyone to remember her and our family in your prayers...Her name is Judy...I thankyou all for taking the time to read this and am gratefull for all prayers and support...I will be talking to you all soon...Thanks as always and as we approach the fall run i hope everyone has a blast catching up what looks like is going to be an awesome yr. for the stripers...I will see ya soon...Thanks and greatly appreciated...Terry...Pazman
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