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My month of May

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Have been fishing a decent amount this month and just wanted to share my last two weeks.

Started off on the 13th of May leaving Lehigh University in the Lehigh River for a canoe trip to my buddies house in Yardley. The trip took 4 days and 3 nights. Fished most of the way and hooked into a couple nice walleye behind some of the bridges and caught a number of smallies and massive rock bass the entire trip. The marble eyes (my first ever) came on a 4 inch white grub and the bass came on the grub and a 3 inch floating minnow. My best walleye was about 24 inches and my best smallie about 16. Great trip and good fishing, also a ton of fun setting up camp on the islands. The flood damage was unbelievable with shattered boats and canoes along the length and debris stuck in the top of bridge trusses. Just crazy.

Anyway, headed down the shore for a couple nights when I finally got home. Couldnt get rid of the blues, with my nicest being around 30 inches. No weakies but got a couple bass up to a whopping 10 inches. Got one flattie about 23 and about 10 throwbacks. All fishing on plastics and bucktail and mack from the banks. By the last night I saw schools of spearing at a couple spots and bluefish crashing all over the surface each night.

All fishing behind Avalon and SH, didnt run into anyone else gettin weakies but I did see some nice tog caught at TI.

Gotta go to summer school up at Lehigh so I dont know how much Ill make it out from here on out, but I did find some nice quiet spots up there where I can catch wild brownies. Great colors. Good luck all.

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