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Narragansett RI Cod trip Sun 24 Jan

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me and Gary fished on the Lady Frances (or Gail Frances) yesterday

About 30 -35 fares.

fishing was very slow. We fished the bow and had seven fish between us all day, three throwbacks and four small keepers about 3 lbs.

Very slow day. Pretty day on the water but our fish didnt coop and the skipper tried many spots.

I was surprised to see the other report about the Montauk boat, because our first stop we saw a Viking boat out there with us and many other party and charter boats in the block island area. I assumed it was a slow day all around bc our fish had lockjaw.

Id hate to guess the actual number of fish landed, but I was up in the bow and could see most fisherman all day and it was very slow.

Great skipper and great crew. Interestingly enough, the two prior days the boat did very well, with many limits.

Even a slow day is a good day to get out.

Dave Brick NJ
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I heard it was slow. They fishing off Block?? I guess they had a few good days last week....seems to come & go
Don't know what to tell you other than I think that we were inshore of you a little. A lot of limits were caught on my boat yesterday. I was on the Rosie.
We'll get them next time. (Im going back and trying them).

Narragansett isnt really much of a road trip. 4 hrs.

I was out on the 15th and it was SLOW! There were 15 fish on the boat for 20 guys. Shorts were even hard to come buy. I was on one of the Viking boats and the other boat reported a good pick? They were by us all day and they had the same type fishing we had. If a few fish are caught they call it a decent pick. From what I've heard the fishing has been decent with most boats just limiting out on good days. It's a little inconsistant, but maybe it will break open like last year.
Thanks for the report, I know if I'd have made the trip I'd have been the guy smelling of skunk. :D
As I stated earlier in this thread we had very good action the same day.

Here is a copy of the report posted by the captain.


Just around a boat limit for 17 fares.Had a great pick all day with a few slammer drifts mixed in.high hook goes to Capt Freddy Lipton with 17 keepers.The pool went around 22lbs.




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