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Need Help ASAP

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Does Cold Spring Inlet itself get nasty on a hard Northwest blow, like tomorrow? What does the mouth of the inlet look like? No place you want to be in a small boat?
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Are you planning on fishing the inlet itself, or just using it to get to the ocean?
The inlet itself. Can I get out the inlet to fish the outbound side?
Abolutely, the wind will be coming off the land, the inlet should be fine, the mouth will be rough because of the upcoming new moon tides, both beach fronts should be very calm, you should have no problems getting in and out of the inlet.
The inlet itself. Can I get out the inlet to fish the outbound side?
I fished the inlet today, wind against tide the mouth gets pretty swelled up. One major concern is
fishing that inlet with a strong west or east wind. The constant commercial fleet coming in and out 24/7. they dont slow down actually they tend to head right at you sometimes no matter where your at including the regular boat trfic. I geuss the wheel follows what the eyes look at. Or there being jerks, I wondersomtimes. Eitherway it can be a real pain fishing it alone if your not usedd to the constant traffic, your head is constantly on a swivel. man all those dragger and netters coming in and out all the time made me wonder how the heck there is anything left to drag or net. Saw one rig raising nets what looked to be a half mile outside the inlet I hope he wasn't up to anything illegal or maybe he was just cleaning his nets off? At night it sucks the boats will bear down on you and they are throwing one heck of a wake.

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Just remember if you are fishing in the are not really on strong ground.... many times it could be construed as obstructing navigation...or in the eye of the CG...just plain lacking common sense.

insomniac - was the commercial guy raising an actual net or his outriggers?????
It was the net.

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