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New boat owner needs help - Absecon back bay & Absecon inlet fishing

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Hey I have been fishing absecon bay and absecon inlet for a few years on other peoples boats, but this is my first year alone. I have a 17" tri hull with a 60hp OB that I put in at absecon ramp. Picked up a new FF/GPS combo and been out a few times this year with no luck, just catchin skates. I am still just learning the waters, and the boat, but I could definitally use and fishing tips, or good spots to goto in my area there.

I know people don't really give out coords, but any help would be appreciated. General areas to try, rig setups, bait, I'll take any info at all to get me some keeper striper/tog/sea bass/bluefish/flounder anything good in the cooler.

Thanks in advance and seeya out there.
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find lumps in the inlet. I know of a few. Take me fishing and i'll show ya!!
Stay in between the cans or markers drifting on either side of the top of the tide and you'll catch. There's tons of backwater to learn, but honestly the fish are right in the main channels in decent keeper #'s right now. Big minnows, no dinks, have been effective. Good luck
It does take a while to learn a new spot. I like to see which way the drift is and then find the section of the creek or channel, as it bends back and forth, that you can drift diagonally across the channel, or lengthwise down the edge. This keeps you over the change in depth area for the longest time.That, hopefully, is where the flounder are waiting for a meal.Keep fishing, and ask those that you see at the dock or shops. Have fun!
Drift the ICW. I've had luck using the Gulp Penny Shrimp on a ball jig. I'm using Gulp and my buddies were using stip bait and suprising I was high hook. Now we are use penny shrimp. Good luck to you.
Have had much more luck inside the bridge than outside. Stay close to the sod bank islands in 5-10 ft of water.
Talk to dave at Absecon ay Sportsman Center, he has a nice chart on the wall and can give you a few tips.

I have done ok in the ICW on the outgoing, power drifting with a three way, white bucktail on the short end and a 36: leader tipped with clam or minnow.

This year I am tipping with a chartreuse teaser and white bucktail only.

Look for where the creeks dump into the waterway, the flatties like to hole up around them on the outgoing to grab the bait coming out into it.

When you get a strike mark that spot, if it is a keeper, chances are others are in the same place, why spend time drifting long when they may only be in a short section.

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There is alot of good water that holds fish at different times throughout the season. One area may be hot one trip and will be cold the next.

Best bet is drift the edges of the channels/ICW and keep an eye on your fish finder and fish the drop offs and edges of the sand bars. Also try the back creeks and look for the deeper water/holes at top of the tide or 1st of the outgoing when youll have clean water. Keep an eye out for others in the area and if they are catching.

Biggest factor is getting a nice slow drift, make a few drifts and if the fish are there you should have some action. No luck, keep moving and trying different areas and hope theyre hungry :D

Good luck and catch em up.
tight lipped - can you share where you got your map from, nice & detailed.

You can also download NOAA Raster (ENC) charts here

but you need an ENC viewer to look at them and convert them, under the noaa site they have a site that has links to free viewers
Al, do you play pool? Are you a friend of William who also boats in Absecon?

Stop by Absecon Bay Sportsman... on Natalie Terrace... they have a lot of local info

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Originally posted by tight lipped:
You can also download NOAA Raster (ENC) charts here

but you need an ENC viewer to look at them and convert them, under the noaa site they have a site that has links to free viewers
Thanks, much appreciated ;)
If you really want to get technical you can download a software program called Sea Clear II, this will let you make your own charts and also allows you to interface with your GPS through NMEA or you can buy just an NMEA Antenna, the Garmin GPS 18 OEM plugs directly into your seriel or USB port. Use your laptop as a chart plotter or street navigator.

Garmin also bundles the GPS 18 with a navigator software for $130
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