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new boat

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I just bought a 23 Polar W/A.I need to bring it from Toms River to Somer Point 4/15.I am not familiar with these waters.Are the markers going to be in and in place?
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i know alot of markers get moved by the weather in the wintertime. head to the ocean and hang a right?
That soumds good,I may try that.I am concerned about the weather and maybe wanting to stay on the inside.
Do you have a GPS on it yet? The channels should be marked on it pretty clearly. The ICW markers are stationary markers. I'm familiar with All of LBI to AC and there should be no problem there for that boat.
Just a thought, but wouldn't it be easier to trailer it and then launch in SP. I know you must have a reason for wanting, or needing to pilot it down, I guess, I am just curious. I picked mine up in Neptune and Trailered it home. FYI unless they put them back in the last few days, the markers from GE inlet to the bay ave docks and throughout Great Egg Harbor ane not in yet. It gets a little tricky once you get inside near those pilings that are in the middle of the water. Also, If it were me, (I don't do the ocean a whole lot yet), I would DEFINITELY make sure I had Charts, and a VHF Radio.
For that trip, they could be your two best friends. Good luck for a safe Voyage.
Thanks for the info.I do have a GPS and a VHF and all of the ness charts.I did not buy a trailer but plan on buyng one soon.I have a problem with storing the trailer.I live in a condo and can not keep the trailer here.I am debating having the marina haul it and launch in SP.
Take the ride! you'll get to give her a good shakedown and enjoy the sites. You have a clean shot all the way down to great bay on the ICW. If you need some experience on board, I'm sure someone on the board will take the ride if you want to shoot outside. You may have to take them on a fishing trip for their services and pick them up where your boat will be berthed the day of the run.
You may want to ask Bob from RAMPAGE TRAILERS in Burleigh to give you a price to haul it down for you. He is a barn sponsor and a nice guy.
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