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Start going to the gym now, the new HPA JIG KING holds over 100 of your favorite jigs in safety, style and organized. The Jig King is like a jig briefcase that contains two internal pockets and holds up to 5 "cards" each card hold 20 to 24 jigs (there are two sizes of cards) one for short and medium jigs and one for medium and very long jigs. You get 3 cards with the Jig King and additional cards are stocked, so you can get it with 4 or 5 cards if you like.

The Dry Duffle 90 is a giant sized gear bag ready for your toughest adventure and it will keep your gear dry and safe. It can be carried like a bag and also worn as a backpack. We are stocking the Black and Orange right now not the grey one.

Popperstore in grey material with ID Window and improved straps

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