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Folks of the BassBarn Community, I am posting this after becoming fully acquainted with a great guy by the name of Captain William Young. We first meet Captain Bill in our booth at the Saltwater Expo where he came over and formally introduced himself. This is where it started. Bill has made it a point to set aside a bunch of his time this year(and last year for Super Storm Sandy) to create a great Fishing tourney/pig roast where the bulk of the proceeds are raised to take out wounded Vets and the Vets Families kayak fishing up and down the east coast. From the short time I have been in contact with Bill I can sum him up in a few short words; polite, generous and dedicated.

--Fluke Tourney is the August 16th and banquet is the 17th
--Base camp-Ozark Sportsmen Club
--$6,000 in prizes
--Awards at the pig roast

I urge you participate in this event in some way as it is truly for a great cause.

I am proud to be a sponsor.

Forget Bill for a minute and Help out the People Who Have Served You!
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