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NJ Reef Ball Locations

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Hi Offshore Folks,

We are creating a map (worldwide in fact but with lots of NJ sites) with coordinates of all public Reef Balls. We have lots of numbers already in the map from our clients and public sources such as New Jersey's and the National Database of AR coordinates but we know there are LOTS of numbers out there and we want to share as many as we can ESPECIALLY the "special" ones. For example, when you created one as a memorial perhaps added a plaque or when the Junior Mates did something creative with some Reef Balls and you have the numbers of those that you are willing to share please send them to me and I will get them posted. Also, if you have a web-based document with information about that point (for example a Google Document that is shared by public link or website address) we can link that to the GPS point. So if you have a fishing video of catching fish on Reef Ball that you are proud of and know which reef ball spot you caught it we can link the video if you have posted that video to youtube or vimeo for example. We also post any scientific studies about sites, and articles in the news (we even summarize the text from longer articles with those GPS points for future reference), and link photos of construction or deployment information too so that we can all feel that personal connection to our Reef Balls. This is also really helpful to divers that are monitoring the success of the Reef Balls...we can even link their videos so when you are going fishing on a site you can see what is down there beyond just your hummingbird. And speaking of side scans....if you take pictures of your side scans when you are on specific GPS coordinates with Reef Balls we can link those in too so that when you click on a site you can see what is down there...and try to include dates as we can evolve points over time so you can see how things are changing. Better information....better fishing! Please freely share the link above and be an active part of the Reef Ball WORLDWIDE community even beyond NJ. New Jersey has one of the most progressive AR programs as Bill Figley started the Reef Balls 30 years ago well before Reef Balls were adopted worldwide. This means you folks have more experience than most with Reef Balls over time and as the rest of the world is rapidly embracing Reef Balls they want to learn from your successes and even mistakes. Thanks in advance for all your support. PS....we list supporting partners too. So if your business has sponsored a Reef Ball and you want us to link you up on the map, just write a short description of how you supported Reef Balls and send us your GPS coordinates and website address and we'll add you too. And when you travel, visit and support businesses that support reefs....our map goes anywhere you travel and fish.
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