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north star had a trip thursday and it was a tough bite....water was dirty in most spots we went and deeper spots would yield a slow bite yielding some fish....overall tough for most but the guys who had brought hermits actually did very well...

fridays 12hr blackfish world record anniversary trip was a fair....some beautiful fish were caught but again at no spot was it a fast paced action...early in the morning there was a giant southerly swell had us rockin and the day progressed it layed down and made it much easier for the fishing...

Sean smida limit to 14lb w 3 fish over 10lb
Ray Kerico limits to 10lb
Craig Constantine 2-8lbs
Dave Jones limit to 5lb
Chambers 3-8lb
Rich Diglar limit to 7lb

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Saturday we had rough conditions from the start we had only 13 people on board and our first 2 spots were slow...we picked up and moved further offshore (a ride which took what seemed like forever) soon as we dropped in had good bites and was good picking...unfortunately a lot of the guys on the boat were cold and some had become was super cold there was slush and ice on the rods and all over boat and even though their was a bite still going we had lost many guys to the cold and roughness...10 or more of the customers were with the same group they opted to cut the trip short and come back on a day that was more appropriate my mate fished the spot to catch some fish to give to the sick people to take home and he had caught 14 fish and 3 were blackfish keepers 1 was a keeper cod...

we will be running full day daily for blackfish and have 12hr offshore trips for ling cod and blakcfish scheduled please call for information
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