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In recent months, more than a 300 munitions of varying types have been discovered at private residences and commercial facilities in Delaware, where crushed clamshells had been used as paving material. The Department of Defense (DoD) has learned that these munitions were dredged up from the ocean floor during clamming operations and had been inadvertently mixed with crushed clamshells sold as driveway paving material. DoD also learned that a Delaware clam processing plant had discovered several munitions during its operations and that plant operators had placed these munitions in its basement. A review of all the Military Services' Explosives Ordinance Disposal (EOD) response records indicated that munitions have been dredged up in the past during similar fishing and clamming operations.

The Army has been involved in responding to this situation and has been providing periodic updates of the current situation. The situation in Delaware is now under control. The Army has responded to remove any hazards and processes and procedures have been established and will be put in place to prevent a recurrence.

Munitions that are no longer under DoD control present a potential explosives hazard to people, facilities, and other assets. As was the case with one munition discovered in Delaware, some munitions may also present a chemical agent hazard. The potential hazards associated with munitions are normally acute, and the effects can be death or serious
injury or the loss or damage to facilities or other assets. These hazards remain, even if someone may have handled the munition without incident.

Individuals should be advised not to move, disturb, or attempt to destroy the munition, but to immediately contact local law enforcement. Local law enforcement will subsequently request EOD support from the appropriate EOD unit. An EOD team will be expeditiously dispatched to
address the explosives or munitions emergency.
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