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Nucanoe Feedback?

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Does anyone have any feedback on Nucanoe boats? I am looking for a lightweight, flexible boat that I can store in the rafters of my garage and that I can use for lake, stream and river bass fishing. I'd probably want to hook an electric outboard on it for those long stretches on larger lakes. This one seems to be ideal, on paper.

I'd like to talk to folks who have used one.

In addition, there is only one dealer in the greater Philly area. Does anyone know of a comparable craft that's easier to find?

Thanks in advance.
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Native Watercraft Ultimate 14.5

Hi Guys:

I am continuing my research on the right craft. Since Nucanoe are hard to come by around here (only one dealer in driving distance, and no used ones for sale), I think I'd be paying sticker price for one. I have been looking at alternatives and am very interested in a Native Watercraft Ultimate 14.5. Do any yakkers have feedback on this? Thanks.
Avoid the NuCanoe unless you live on the water, 1st it weighs a ton ,you'll never get it to the raftes , you need a truck or trailer to transport, 2nd the tracking is the worst that I've been in , the waves or swells keep redirecting the bow and you always correcting. I may be ok on a small lake or pond, but not the ocean or a tidal river
I have one I may get rid of

Look into the Wilderness Systems Commander 120, it's better than the Native boats
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