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Went out yesterday in the PM after working the lunch shift at Uries. I figured that I would try to go out herefords and catch the outgoing. I proceeded to go out to around 17th street next to the marker about 1.5 off the beach. I was marking tons of fish but not a bit after an hour. I figured there would be flounder out there the water was 60ft deep. nada. I then proceeded to in closer to the beach and proceeded to hook up with small coctail blues and some small weekies. the dolphin came out of nowhere, it seemed that there were atleast 50 of them. they were flapping their tails on the water and havcing a great time.
Nothing out there to speak of except that. I always wondered why i have never seen boats out there fishing in the summer. the conditions seemed great flat ocean slight breeze. deepwater. it just seems weird that there are no fish out there!
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