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Big fix begins for North Wildwood seawall

By TRUDI GILFILLIAN Staff Writer, (609) 463-6716, E-Mail/Press of Atlantic City

NORTH WILDWOOD - Work to rebuild the city's aging seawall has begun, but could take as long as 21/2 years to complete, said U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project manager Keith Watson.

"It's a very tough area to work in. Deep water and large rocks. And safety is the priority. We'd rather be slow and safe," Watson said Thursday.

The $12.2 million project involves the reconstruction of the entire 8,800-foot-long seawall, which stretches across the northern end of the city from the Atlantic Ocean back to the Anglesea section of the city at Aqua Beach.

The cost is being split, with the federal government paying for 65 percent and the state Department of Environmental Protection, or DEP, and the city picking up the rest of the tab. Agate Construction Co. of Dennis Township won the contract last fall.

Watson said the construction has been divided into three phases with the first phase starting in the center of the seawall just south of Anglesea through the area around Olde New Jersey Avenue and Spruce Avenue.

The next phase will move toward the ocean at John F. Kennedy Boulevard and Second Avenue, and the last phase will go back into the Hereford Inlet at Anglesea.

"The long-term goal is to reduce storm damage to the community," Watson explained as he went through the stages of the project.

The seawall was started in the 1930s with a number of rehabilitation projects taking place since then. The last one was done sometime in the 1980s, Watson said.

"(The seawall) is in great disrepair. The area along (St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church) to New York Avenue is actually falling away," Watson said.

The substantial repairs to come will make use of a geotextile fabric under layer, which will hold the rocks that make up the wall. In some spots, work will extend 10 feet below the surface while other areas will require repairs as far down as 40 to 50 feet due to erosion along the seawall.

The work will be done almost entirely from the water, but staging areas will be set up on land and the construction will take place only during the city's regular construction hours. According to the City Clerk's Office, construction in the city is permitted between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. except Sundays when no construction work is allowed.

While Watson said there will be typical construction noise, Army Corps spokesman Merv Brokke said the partnership with the state and city means all three are trying to avoid as much construction noise as possible by working within the rules of the city.

City Administrator Ray Townsend said residents who want to learn more about the seawall project can attend a public meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 13, at the city's Recreation Center. Representatives from the Army Corps, the DEP and Agate Construction are expected to attend.

To e-mail Trudi Gilfillian at The Press:
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thats great that the sea wall is being repaired. it is in need of that. I feel bad for the people who live along it though. It sounds like it could be very noisy. I live on the bay side on 4th ave, so probibly wont hear much of it.
I hope the fishing improves b/c the past couple of years fishing the sea wall hasnt been very productive.
So much for the bait spot.
Originally posted by fingerblaster:
So much for the bait spot.
Yea, I was thinking the same thing. It'll be like when they fixed the jetty at Reed's Beach, there was a nice hole just off the end of it that held trout and bass, they backfilled it and now it's dead.
My brother is a fixture blackfishing off them rocks....he kills em.

[ 01-10-2005, 11:00 PM: Message edited by: fingerblaster ]
Originally posted by fingerblaster:
My brother is a fixture blackfishing off them rocks....he kills em.
Many Years Ago, I Would Do Much The Same..
I Enjoyed Walking Almost The Entire Stretch
of Rocks From Above Moore's Inlet and Below
to the LightHouse.
Ahhhhh Moore's Inlet brings tears to my eyes.

Mainly cause everytime I go there i drink so much I throwup and tears run down my face.

Yeah he's there blackfishing in a couple holes probably like 6 mons out of the year on weekends...we are starting to think he has a little north philly in him. :D
I haven't been there during the past
few Summer Seasons...
Doe's Charlie Gracie still Jam during Sat.Afternoons and How About DJ Joe Bilbee,
He Still Spin The Tunes ???
Man,That Place Would ROCK during the Midnight
Hour....Hottie Heaven !!!!
Also,I Heard Rumors That They Are Going Condo
On That Property.This True ???
and im not sure.

Originally posted by NIGHTSTRIKES:

Also,I Heard Rumors That They Are Going Condo
On That Property.This True ???
Very possible. I know someone on the inside. ;)

[ 01-11-2005, 05:53 PM: Message edited by: barnaby ]
I have heard those condo rumors every year for the past 5 years. Probably inevitable.
CAFRA Development permit has been filed for the property.
Guys moores will not be sold this season. They will be open in the spring. Check out there holiday message...

Moores' Holiday Message
Let me tell you a story AND

Here's how it goes ...

There's a bar in North Wildwood

That everyone knows

It's called Moore's Inlet

They put on quite a show.

It's fun and it's quirky

And you leave with a glow.

It carries an attitude

Of "devil may care"

And it holds many memories,

Some you can't even share.

But rumors were flying

Making me blue

I was beside myself

Didn't know what to do.

I started remembering the

Great times I had there

Then got an idea

And left with a tear.

I started my car

And began to race

To take a last look

At that magical place.

I rounded the corner

And when I arrived

I couldn't believe

My very own eyes.

So break out the booze

Let's have some cheer

I just took a look


It's said they are leaving

But they're not gone yet

So don't be downhearted

Don't moan and don't fret

Come join us at the Spring Fling

And let's all down a few

Say hello to Joe Bilbee

And all the boys too.

What does it matter

How long it will last

Because now is what counts

So let's have a blast!
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Not being sold but being "condo-ized" ;)
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