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OC NJ, Feast or Famine....?

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I have been a bass barn memever for a few months and just looking to get a little help out there. I fish alot, or should I say as often as I can get down. So far this yr, very little to talk about. It would be nice to be able to chat with some people over the radio, get a little helping hand before I go out. I will share any and all knowledge I have with whoever. Flounders this yr. 5, no keeps. Couple blues, one bass. OC back bays have been packed with little to show or see. Anyone in the OC area want to try and work this together or give me some helpful ideas? Let me know, lets talk. Always open to new ideas, baits, lures, riggings etc.
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Welcome to the BassBarn.Com,
Glad To Have You Aboard.............

You will find plenty of action concerning Ocean City right here in this forum...It use to be my place of residence and I still fish it every now and then ;)

Are you a boat or landbased fishermen ?

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Mostly on Boat. I have fish most inside, but some outside. I fish the 12-18th street area often but there has been no action. Been in the inlet twice with nothing.
head north a little.I have been doing ok with the flounder.I have a few nice keepers in the last few trips with alot of shorts.I will be down friday morning on channel 68 if you need anything we could hook up.
Im a kayak fisherman that fishes Ocean City. Wen striper fishing I troll around the sod banks out front of 16th street with plastics. When im Fluke fishing i do a nice long drift from the ramp around 21st street or so down to 14th street. My two biggest so far are 6 and 5 lbs caught last yr. I dont mind sharing more info with you, If you email me ill give you some more spots. I DONT WANA GET IN TROUBLE HERE!!!!

Hope this helps ya land the big one

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